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authorWesley Miaw <josuah@users.sourceforge.net>2005-12-01 06:15:28 +0000
committerWesley Miaw <josuah@users.sourceforge.net>2005-12-01 06:15:28 +0000
commite5e49f470c5e4cdcf55671416ea7297177d139ff (patch)
tree2c6233826d3571047cd67a0654332b9fde761860 /config.inc.php
parent036239864e3eb20ebbea3343b8397bc8df030ed8 (diff)
Feature #1353342. You can now specify how many days should be
displayed on the week view. All numbers, negative to more than seven, work with the expected behavior. Thanks to Nicolas Contamin for the code changes.
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diff --git a/config.inc.php b/config.inc.php
index a3c7517..bdae127 100644
--- a/config.inc.php
+++ b/config.inc.php
@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ $minical_view = 'current'; // Where do the mini-calendars go when clicked? =
$default_cal = $ALL_CALENDARS_COMBINED; // Exact filename of calendar without .ics. Or set to $ALL_CALENDARS_COMBINED to open all calenders combined into one.
$language = 'English'; // Language support - 'English', 'Polish', 'German', 'French', 'Dutch', 'Danish', 'Italian', 'Japanese', 'Norwegian', 'Spanish', 'Swedish', 'Portuguese', 'Catalan', 'Traditional_Chinese', 'Esperanto', 'Korean'
$week_start_day = 'Sunday'; // Day of the week your week starts on
+$week_length = '7'; // Number of days to display in the week view
$day_start = '0700'; // Start time for day grid
$day_end = '2300'; // End time for day grid
$gridLength = '15'; // Grid distance in minutes for day view, multiples of 15 preferred

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