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authorChad Little <clittle@users.sourceforge.net>2004-10-25 17:43:31 +0000
committerChad Little <clittle@users.sourceforge.net>2004-10-25 17:43:31 +0000
commit1d368f67ef0d6112e68ca0cd6f0fc28b7fe9b006 (patch)
treecfdf41c570473545dd44f0f4350a1fbd615e79d4 /config.inc.php
parentb920d2d487e2e92232f046e440d5d2f88b65a7da (diff)
Fixed display month bottom.
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diff --git a/config.inc.php b/config.inc.php
index 5c754bf..4b553fd 100644
--- a/config.inc.php
+++ b/config.inc.php
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ $charset = 'UTF-8'; // Character set your calendar is in, suggested UTF-8,
// Yes/No questions --- 'yes' means Yes, anything else means no. 'yes' must be lowercase.
$display_custom_goto = 'no'; // In the 'Jump To' box, display the custom 'go to day' box.
$allow_webcals = 'no'; // Allow http:// and webcal:// prefixed URLs to be used as the $cal for remote viewing of "subscribe-able" calendars. This does not have to be enabled to allow specific ones below.
-$this_months_events = 'yes'; // Display "This month's events" at the bottom off the month page.
+$this_months_events = 'ys'; // Display "This month's events" at the bottom off the month page.
$enable_rss = 'yes'; // Enable RSS access to your calendars (good thing).
$show_search = 'yes'; // Show the search box in the sidebar.
$allow_preferences = 'yes'; // Allow visitors to change various preferences via cookies.

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