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Added DLA, NFU, DTSA. See merge request security-tracker-team/security-tracker!96
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# Glossary
-TODO: NFU, DLA, SPU, embargo, etc...
+TODO: SPU, embargo, etc...
<a id="CVE">CVE id</a>
: *Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures* id.
@@ -16,3 +16,12 @@ TODO: NFU, DLA, SPU, embargo, etc...
<a id="dsa">DSA</a>
: An official Debian Security Advisory is called a DSA for short. [Example DSA](
+<a id="dla">DLA</a>
+: A Security Advisory from the Debian Long Term Support team that affects older versions of Debian. [Example DLA](
+<a id="nfu">NFU</a>
+: Not For Us. This designation is placed on a CVE that does not directly affect Debian. [More info on NFU](
+<a id="dtsa">DTSA</a>
+: An official Debian Security Advisory for the testing suite.

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