BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
CVE-2020-11997Update notesAnton Gladky9 months
jeremiah-glossary-dsa-patchAdding in a definition for DSA.Jeremiah C. Foster9 days
jeremiah-glossary-patch-moreAdded DLA, NFU, DTSA. Please review for accuracy. :)Jeremiah C. Foster6 days
masterNFUsMoritz Muehlenhoff15 min.
newissuesImprove check-new-issues for new usersNeil Williams3 weeks
remove-cve-dist-tags-on-DSAgen-DSA: only call remove-cve-dist-tags onceEmilio Pozuelo Monfort5 weeks
update_CVE-2021-3426Use square bracketsAnton Gladky8 months
users/roberto/rmadison_review-update-neededAdd rmadison query to review-update-needed to ensure packages exist in specif...Roberto C. Sánchez22 months
zhsj/golang-1.15Update CVE-2021-38297 CVE-2021-41772 for golang-1.15Shengjing Zhu5 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
15 min.NFUsHEADmasterMoritz Muehlenhoff2-0/+43
111 min.Track fixed version via unstable for CVE-2021-28650Salvatore Bonaccorso1-1/+1
4 hoursProcess some NFUsSalvatore Bonaccorso2-26/+26
4 hoursautomatic updatesecurity tracker role3-99/+183
6 hoursAdd CVE-2018-25020/linuxSalvatore Bonaccorso1-0/+3
6 hoursTrack fixed version for firefox-esr for mfsa2021-53Salvatore Bonaccorso1-9/+9
6 hoursTrack fixed version for firefox via unstable for mfsa2021-52 issuesSalvatore Bonaccorso1-10/+10
6 hoursTrack fixed versions for thunderbird update via unstableSalvatore Bonaccorso1-10/+10
10 hoursLTS: reclaim gpacRoberto C. Sánchez1-1/+1
13 hoursTriage CVE-2021-44420 in python-django for stretch LTS.Chris Lamb2-2/+1

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